About Prime Holiday

The aim of the Prime Holiday is to provide holidaymakers with the best online selection of holiday accommodation, travel and leisure activities from around the world, displayed in a way that's quick and easy to use.

We're not there yet, but with over 250,000 holiday listings, we've made a good start. To achieve our ambitious goal, we continue to develop partnerships with leading travel and hospitality companies, improve our websites, add new regions and create useful travel guides to help holidaymakers find fantastic new destinations to explore.

Our websites currently cover the world's most popular destinations including the Caribbean, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Florida and Turkey, and we are regularly adding new resorts and regions to improve our global coverage.

Holidaymakers can use our sites to rent holiday homes, boats or caravans or find hotels, holiday activities, sightseeing tours and resorts from a host of property, travel and leisure related categories, including:

  • Holiday Rentals & Self Catering Holidays
  • Holiday Hotels, Guest Houses & BnBs
  • Yachts & Boat Charters
  • Golf Resorts & Golfing Holidays
  • Caravans, Motor Homes & Campsites
  • Airports, Flights, Car Hire
  • Holiday Resorts & Destinations
  • Sports & Leisure Activities
  • Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife

Prime Holiday Rentals Video

Watch the Prime Holiday Rentals video to see how we try to make it quick, easy and enjoyable to find holiday rentals in your favourite resorts around the world. This same simple design is applied to all Prime Holiday sites.